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W205 - Centre & Doors

  • W205 - Centre & Doors
  • W205 - Centre & Doors
  • W205 - Centre & Doors
  • W205 - Centre & Doors
  • W205 - Centre & Doors
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W205 - Centre & Doors

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Mercedes W205 Flex Ambient Lighting Insert - You must have ambient lighting already for these to work, if unsure, send us a message!
Original Creator / Designer

FLEX design with better results! Capturing more light present with an OEM fitted look.

This kit upgrades your existing lighting to give you a more modern look in your Mercedes W205, creating a line effect along your door cards as shown in the pictures. It makes the existing soft light in your Mercedes look more modern!

These have been tested on a 2014 and 2016 Mercedes Saloon W205 and may fit other similar W205 variants. If unsure please ask. 

Push fit into place, squeezing behind the light trim, protruding as if they were OEM, self cut to desired length. Once fitted these flex strips capture the light passing through the material causing the light to concentrate internally, illuminating the strips to form a line that enhances the look of your motor.

Package contents:

Centre console: 1 x length (rolled up for ease of packaging) of AmbientModz centre console lighting inserts for Mercedes W205.

Door lighting: 1 x roll length (rolled up for ease of packaging) of AmbientModz door lighting inserts for Mercedes W205.

Each insert length will need to be cut down for each door with a separate design for the centre console lighting. You will receive enough with some spare for all 4 doors and the centre console.

Tools Required:

The only tool you will need to fit is a pair of scissors to cut them to the desired lengths. 

Does not include lights: this is for cars that already have the lighting in their doors. You will know if you have the necessary lighting if you have a soft light in this same location. This product is only meant to alter the existing lighting.

Must watch video:

Tips and tricks:

  1. During install use a wet-wipe or moisten the silicon tube to assist install - especially during the 'sliding into position' part of the process.
  2. Avoid stretching the product into place during installation. If it does stretch or you want to recheck the fitment prior to the final trimming/cut, with a wet-wipe revisit the stretched low profile areas.
  3. Avoid cutting to fit prior to finishing the install. Only cut after you are happy the product is not stretched into its final position.
  4. As necessary, use a credit card thickness sized implement during the front door fitment to equal out any product unevenness. Equally push fit the rear of the product to obtain an even light look.​​

These tips and tricks have been provided by customers who felt these may help others when installing, Mercedes build tolerances, leather thickness ect, all though minor, may make the gaps tighter in some cars, making these a little harder to install. 


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